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Another year over, a new one just begun

So, I've just got home from a lovely night out at the house of hatter and bfo, before that, having been for dinner with such august figures as mangosteen, _nicolai_, pir, tla and of course knell. We discussed the rather wet-fish of a tube strike, which managed to get me to the party and back again, and I have even more of a dislike for Bob Crow - don't we all.

Looking back at 2005, I've had a pretty full year, all things considered. I started a new job. I went to 5 juggling conventions (British (Perth), European (Ptuj, Slovenia), Bristol, London and Leeds), travelling through 6 countries (including the UK) to get to at least one of those. I went to two proper festivals (Glade and Cambridge Folk), and numerous one-day and free events. I completely fell for someone - which was obviously downright stupid, partly because she's 10 years younger than me and partly because she wasn't interested in me - and ended up quite hurt out of the whole experience. Having said that, I discovered, for the first time ever, that I can actually be happily single - up until then I'd obviously been kidding myself about it. Of course, at that time, my emotions had to kick in.

In terms of juggling stuff, 2005 has been the year where I started properly diversifying. Obviously, I'd started with poi and then moved to devilstick, but I properly got a 3-ball cascade sorted just before christmas last year, and I've been able to do some slightly more complicated tricks now. I've nearly got my right-hand palm isolation sorted with a contact ball, and I can do more contact than I could before. I have about 3 or 4 tricks with a diabolo, and the main thing that I lack there is practice and experience. More recently, I've started getting into card manipulations and sleights.

I also went to two weddings of two beautiful couples (rmc28-fanf and mathie-ibbs), both of which made me cry - in a nice way. I made cards for both of these, reminding me that I can be creative. 2006 looks like having more of that kind of fun on the way :-). Also, found out that lots of my friends turned 30, so went to multiple 30th birthday parties including one "90th" for 3 people all turning 30 within a week of each other. I had another christmas party, with more home-made food, and I've definitely made some new friends out of it all. I bought a compact camera, and rediscovered some of what I love about photography, but understanding more about subject matter (in particular what types of photos I wanted to take) than I did the last time I tried to do anything serious.

So, what I hope to get out of 2006 (in no particular order):
  • conventions
  • festivals
  • need to lose some weight - I started just before christmas, but I think I've put it all back again
  • make it to as many of the weddings as I can manage
  • really get better at things other than devilstick, but keep the devilstick solidly as my main discipline
  • new job (yep, again)
  • getting out of london a bit more to see people

I guess that this time next year I'll be looking at this list and saying what a disappointment I've been to myself. I note to myself that although I've been feeling increasingly lonely, I'm really not ready for a relationship (is one ever?), and so I kind of hope it doesn't happen, although other parts of me kind of hope it does. Having said that, the experiences of 2005 reminded me what being hurt felt like, even if that hurt was only minor. We'll see. I guess. Most likely I'll still be single, and bitter and twisted for the turn of the year 2006/7. Meanwhile, I look to the side of this computer and see the bottle of Harviestoun Brewery "Bitter & Twisted" beer that my colleague brought to my party...

Start as you mean to go on!
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