The Lusercop (lusercop) wrote,
The Lusercop

EJC 2006

Well, I'm back from Ireland. Convention shows were absolutely fantastic. I've also now done (at least once) all 4 of the double-propellers. Still didn't manage to get a 2-stick tick-tock going, though - but was given some hints by Markus. A convention low was helpfully provided by Susannah, who felt that due to various interactions between her and I, and between her and others, it was better to spend the time that she was there completely blanking me. Highs were, well, Kris Kremo, Jay Gilligan, Manu Laude, Alan Blim, Sergei Ignatov, Toby Walker, Stefan Sing, Tempei Arakawa, Ryo Yabe and Tony Frebourg who did some absolutely stunning juggling, and related acts. Surprise was to enjoy a poi performance by Ronan (Ronopotamus). Poi people at conventions are still somewhat of a bane. And I have no photos :-(.

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