The Lusercop (lusercop) wrote,
The Lusercop

Better late than never...

I was intending to do this a couple of days ago, but:

My Year in Numbers

12 juggling conventions (4 of which were one-dayers, and one was half-way between a convention and a festival)
2 festivals (not counting the one mentioned above)
3 weddings
2 funerals
3 birthday parties
8 other parties
2 foreign countries (flying, and got into one on an out-of-date London Underground Photocard)
3 days of intensive circus training
1 reunion of people at Cambridge
1 party at our house
3 clubs (as in juggling - qualified)
4 balls (similarly - qualified)
2 devilsticks
1 broken devilstick
10 passing patterns attempted (of which I could reasonably say I can do 6)
3 afternoons of street performing in Covent Garden
2 good friends returned to Canada
1 new boss
27 days as on-call sysadmin
too many new friends to count
Tags: numbers 2006 summary

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